Is my child ready for Music Lessons?

“How do I know if my child is ready for Music Lessons?”

Now that’s a question I’ve heard many times from parents.

I’m a VIOLINIST, but I have a crazy love-affair with the CELLO. The deep, chocolate-ly sound of the cello makes me fall in love. SO, naturally, I want my son to play the cello. From birth, I’ve let him listen to Cello music, Cello youtube clips, touch and feel the cello…basically, I’ve been brainwashing. Hahaha. But now that he’s 3 (OMG, they just grow tooo fast!), I’ve been keeping a close watch on his readiness to play cello, or take any type of music classes for that matter.

I’ve been teaching Violin for more than 10 years to children ages 3 - 12, and I know that there are many factors to readiness that include cognitive and physical maturity. But here are three general things that you, the parent, can keep an eye on:

  1. Your child expresses interest in the instrument. Does he say, “When is it my turn?", “Can I try?”

  2. Your child can take direction from other teachers

  3. Your child can be still for 20 - 30 minutes

There are other great music options out there if you feel that it’s not time for formal violin lessons such as Music Together!!! My son LOVES this class. I admit, he does a lot of running around the room, but when the music stops, he says, “MORE MAMA!!!!” hahaha.. I know there’s something going on in that creative, little brain!

“Start ‘em young!”, a well meaning mother said. A great idea, but, if you really want to give your child a meaningful start to music, wait for their readiness.

If you’re still unsure, call me for a trial lesson. Happy Music Making!!